Focused on Guiding You Toward Financial Relief

Focused on Guiding You Toward Financial Relief

Call for help with Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Houston, TX

Do you need assistance restructuring your business to save the business, protect jobs, and remain a vital going concern? Do you need help pursuing collection of your claims as a creditor to financially distressed business? Trust Joseph G. Epstein PLLC when you need advice about business restructuring or creditors' rights in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Attorney Epstein knows how difficult financial and business problems can be, and he works hard to provide thorough assistance throughout the process.

Get the financial restructuring help you need. Call Joseph G. Epstein PLLC at 713-222-8400 when you’re confronted with the need to consider business restructuring alternatives or Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Navigate the complexities of the bankruptcy process

Business bankruptcy cases can be complicated. Don’t make a mistake that could put you in legal hot water. Attorney Joe Epstein works with small to mid-size owner managed businesses seeking to restructure their business and financial affairs, secured creditors, landlords, corporate officers and directors, and strategic buyers of distressed assets. He’ll make sure you’re comfortable with the process every step of the way.

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